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Mats Meguenni - NORWAY (Bergen) / POLAND (Cracow)

The very first edition of Polish "X Factor" was inaugurated by Mats' performance. He is 23-year-old Norwegian who has been living in Poland for 4 years. His Polish girlfriend taught him our national language, which is very challenging for foreigners, moreover he studies medicine here - and we all know how difficult faculty of medicine is... It would be enough to impress me, however this is supposed to be about music. Fortunately he's got everything it takes also in this case. It would be hard for him not to gain audience admiration with all his positive features, including most important - great voice. He had female member of jury (Maja Sablewska) in his pocket by dedicating her song "Angels", he found common language with Czesław Mozil - Polish / Danish singer ('Czesław Śpiewa', 'Tesco Value'), even most severe judge (Kuba Wojewódzki) took to him. As a result Mats heard 3 times "TAK" (which means "yes" in Polish, not "thank you") and he got to the next level. I hope there will be a lot of more opportunities to hear his voice... For now I encourage to watch his first performance.

MATS - "Angels" Robbie Williams cover. 
(Polish X Factor March 2011)



Mats Meguenni
Kuba Wojewodzki
Maja Sablewska
Czeslaw Mozil

K.W.: What's your name?
M.M.: My name is Mats Meguenni. My polish sucks, please ask simple questions.
K.W.: First question: C A N Y O U H E A R M E?
M.M.: Yes. Very good.
K.W.: How long are you in Poland?
M.M.: Too long... No. 4 years. I'm going to stay 2 more and am very happy about it.
C.M.: Only 4 years? And your Polish is beautiful!
K.W.: Yes, better than yours after 30 years...
K.W.: Mats, you know that this program is really a competition of personalities? And you study, right? Do you have a Polish girlfriend?
M.M.: Yes. She taught me all I know in Polish.
K.W.: One more question, where are you from?
M.M.: I'm from Norway.
K.W.: We know where that is...
C.M.: (Danish) Did you know I speak Danish?
M.M.: Applause, that was great!
K.W.: Maybe I will translate - one day in Denmark Czeslaw (...) . What do you study?
M.M.: I study medicine.. At UJ.
K.W.: Wow, now all the girls in the audience will want to go to your hospital... What will you perform for us?
M.M.: I will sing Robbie Williams - Angels. Maja, this is for you.
K.W.: It's for Maja!?
M.M.: Don't be jealous!
K.W.: Don't you have your own program in Norway?
M.M.: Yes.
K.W.: Do you have to destroy ours?
M.M.: While in Poland...
K.W.: We'll break you in good, in the Polish way!
M.S.: Sing, sing! Good luck.


K.W.: Thank you, I thought the audience came for us... I have very bad news for you ... You will have to stay with us for longer. One moe question, do you believe in Santa Claus? He's from somewhere in your region.
M.M.: Of course.
K.W.: Today I'm your Santa Claus.
M.S.: Oh my God...
K.W.: Exactly!
M.S.: For the first time I really felt something. It's incredible: emotions and goosebumps all over my body. This is the type of people I was waiting for.
M.M.: Well, it was for you.
C.M.: I know and you know that Santa Claus is from Greenland.
K.W.: Isn't this the same country?
C.M.: (Danish) It was really good, fantastically good - we should go to Krakow together.
M.M.: (Norwegian) Just come down whenever you want to. You can stay in my place.
K.W.: Take it easy, I watch the Olsen-gang (Olsenbanden) as well... Ok, let's vote. Czeslaw; do you want to add something?
C.M.: (Danish) No.
M.S.: Nonono, I will protect you - I'm gonna vote yes.
C.M.: Yes
K.W.: Yes. Thank you."


NEXT LEVEL In jury's house

"Bed Of Roses" 
(April 2011)


 I love when he speaks Polish ;) (I'll translate into English soon.)


"Uptown girl" 


"Against All Odds"


"Careless Whisper"

"I'm still standing" (playoff)


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"Round And Round"  
Baroque - Kraków (1.04.11)

"Would You Go On"
Baroque - Kraków (1.04.11)

"Will She Call Tonight"
 Baroque - Kraków (1.04.11)

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