Monday, October 10, 2011


Left: August Dyrborg, MANKY, Daniel Vognstrup, Tobias Kvæde, Katrine Brocks

concert at Nordland Art Festival 
DATE: 8th of October 2011
CITY: Łódź
VENUE: Jazzga Club
It was difficult to get my act together after what happened that night, but I'll try to give a few words about this MASSIVE event.  
Huge bomb of Danish energy was thrown into Jazzga club located in the center of Poland-Łódź. The preparators were 5 dangerously good musicians from Denmark: August Dyrborg (drums), Daniel Vognstrup (bass, vocals), Katrine Brocks (vocals), MANKY (vocals), Tobias Kvæde (violin)
They caused powerful explosions of smokin' music, which made the crowd get out of control. They were furious, determined and they didn't want to stop. But the thing is that the crowd didn't want them to stop, either.

Polish people joined the massive!

I must admit Drum'n'Bass isn't my favourite music genre, but I love the sound of drums and bass played live and this is how August and Daniel do it, so I knew it would be a unique experience. And it was indeed. But what they did exceeded my expectations.
They took us by surprise. Usually it takes time to 'rock the house', but their music just suddenly exploded and they threw their energy out from the very beginning. They didn't have to wait long for people to join them.

Daniel made use of his charisma and caught good contact with audience in a very crazy and fun way, encouraged people to come closer to stage, screamed to them, gave them high five, took the shot of vodka with them, jumped down and danced among them; all with his funny expressions ;)
August...uhh! What a wildness! Though it seemed he got carried away, he had complete control over his drums and didn't let the perfectction and exactness slip.
Katrine charmed the audience up with her beautiful voice and apperance. This lovely Danish singer broke into some Polish hearts thanks to "Roots" for sure and the love will be spreaded.
MANKY got the flow and people felt it. He encouraged to let it go and just have fun: "It's perfectly fine if you can't dance, just jump up!!!" So we did and the floor was about to collapse in any second.
Tobias with his violin was like an icing on the cake. He gave the touch of tastefulness and class. Violin in his hands became the coolest instrument making the grooviest sounds, which strengthen Bottled In England music and fit their various style perfectly.

All of them put admirable effort in what they do and they complement one another faultlessly.

Not only they presented great songs from their new EP "Believe The Hype" but they gave unexpected bonus - cover of... "Halo" (Beyonce!) What an extraordinary version, you should hear it!

...and Cover "Halo" 

 More videos HERE


You should get it too ;)

All in all it was more than just a good concert, it was a kind of katharsis, because it gave opportunity to shake all the cumulated bad emotions off and get the positive energy in return. 
So thank you Bottled In England! ;)


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