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by Rasmus Weng Karlsen 

Efterklang is like a windfall to real music lovers. These musically gifted people share with us unlimited sounds using 'massive instrumentation' (drums, trumpet, percussion, bass, piano, flute, guitar, sax, trombone, orchestral strings, bells, electronics...) and of course melodious and moving Casper's vocal.

I think EFTERKLANG should be presented right next to Turboweekend, because these bands have a lot in common. I will start from those connections.

  1. TurboKlang / EfterWeekend
  2. BAND NAME (etymology)
  4. GENRE 
  13. VIDEO INTERVIEWS (in English) 

Firstly Efterklang and Turboweekend share the same graphic design team - Hvass & Hannibal.

Secondly they have remixed each other:

Efterklang - Full Moon (Turboweekend Remix)

 original version here

Turboweekend - Sweet Jezebel (Efterklang Remix)

original version here

And finally  - two beautiful voices (Silas' and Casper's) met in one song "Into the pavement" recorded for Turboweekend EP called "Bound" 

 Turboweekend feat. Casper Clausen 
"Into the pavement" 

(btw: Morten Køie and Rasmus Stolberg are also squash buddies :))


In Danish, word "efterklang" has double meaning -  "reverberation" and "remembrance". After long search for the band name, they came across that Danish word, and they accepted it, because "efterklang" seemed to perfectly reflect what they have been doing. Although it can entail difficulties in pronunciation for non-Danish speaking people, they are happy to have band name, which indicates their  nationality.


indie / pop



Casper Clausen  
(vocals and various)

by Luca Venter

Rasmus Stolberg (bass)

Mads Brauer
(electronics and various)

Thomas Husmer 
(drums, trumpet, percussion)

Live-band members:

Heather Woods Broderick  
(piano, vocal, flute)

Peter Broderick
(violin, multi-instrumentalist)
Frederik Teige
(guitar, sax, choir) 

Niklas Antonson 
(trombone, multi-instrumentalist)

"Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg grew up on the small Danish island of Als. The three friends moved to Copenhagen with the innocent hope of becoming full-time musicians, and soon met drummer Thomas Husmer to form Efterklang late in 2000. Pianist Rune Mølgaard was also in the original line-up."
* first release – Springer (on the band’s own indie label Rumraket)
* Efterklang had completed their dazzling debut studio album Tripper, which incorporated strings, a brass section, a choir and guest lead vocalists.
* They signed to the UK-based Leaf Label.
* next album release - Parades - which took eighteen months of hard work  (with 30 guest musicians, including strings, brass and several choirs, layered in the band’s own studio in Copenhagen.)
* Efterklang went out on the road with an eight-piece touring line-up, playing more than 130 gigs around the world
* Parades tour ended in December. The experience of touring brought a new dimension to the band’s music. ‘Casper [Clausen] stepped up as front man and his singing became much more extrovert.
* Efterklang collaborated with composer Karsten Fundal and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra
* Orchestrated version of Parades was premiered in Copenhagen
* Spectacular audiovisual show was released in October as Performing Parades (Leaf DVD/CD/LP)
* Magic Chairs began with a few of Clausen’s sketches for songs, spending time in Tel Aviv and later Portland, Oregon to develop the arrangements before trying out the new material in front of their American fans
* Returning to Denmark in the spring, the band went to the Feedback Recording studio in Aarhus, to record basic tracks together as a band
* Magic Chairs, Efterklang’s third full-length album (and their first on their new home 4AD)



2003 - Springer – mini-album, Rumraket 

2004 - Tripper – album, The Leaf Label 
2005 - Swarming – digital EP, The Leaf Label 
2005 - Springer – reissue, The Leaf Label 
2006 - One-Sided LP – LP, Burnt Toast Vinyl 
2007 - Under Giant Trees – mini-album, The Leaf Label 
2007 - Parades - album, The Leaf Label 
2008 - Caravan – single, The Leaf Label 
2009 - Performing Parades - live album & DVD, The Leaf Label 
2010 - Magic Chairs - album, 4AD

Studio albums:

'Tripper' (The Leaf Label – October 25, 2004)

1. Foetus
2. Swarming
3. Step Aside
4. Prey & Predator
5. Collecting Shields
6. Doppelgänger
7. Tortuous Tracks
8. Monopolist
9. Chapter 6

 'Parades' (The Leaf Label – October 15, 2007)

1. Polygyne
2. Mirador
3. Him Poe Poe
4. Horseback Tenors
5. Mimeo
6. Frida Found a Friend
7. Maison de Réflexion
8. Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles
9. Caravan
10. Illuminant
11. Cutting Ice to Snow

'Magic Chairs' (4AD – February 22, 2010)

1. Modern Drift
2. Alike
3. I Was Playing Drums
4. Raincoats
5. Harmonics
6. Full Moon
7. The Soft Beating
8. Scandinavian Love
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Natural Tune

Live albums

'Performing Parades' (cd+dvd & lp+dvd, The Leaf Label – October 19, 2009)

1. Polygyne (live)
2. Mirador (live)
3. Him Poe Poe (live)
4. Horseback Tenors (live)
5. Mimeo (live)
6. Frida Found a Friend (live)
7. Maison de Réflexion (live)
8. Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles (live)
9. Caravan (live)
10. Illuminant (live)
11. Cutting Ice to Snow (live)

EP / mini albums

'Springer' (self-released in 2003; re-released on The Leaf Label in 2005)

1. Kloy Gyn
2. Antitech
3. Redrop
4. Bright
5. Filmosonic XL

'One-Sided LP' mini-album (Burnt Toast Vinyl – January 22, 2007)

Side A:
Falling Post
God Vind, Kaptajn!
Tu Es Mon Image feat. Martin Hall

Side B has an etching by Nan Na Hvass who also took the cover photo.

'Under Giant Trees' mini-album (The Leaf Label – April 2, 2007) 

1. Falling Horses
2. Himmelbjerget
3. Hands Playing Butterfly
4. Towards the Bare Hill
5. JoJo

'Tour EP' (Rumraket May 2008)

1. Mirador (Live in Brussels, BE)
2. Mirror Mirror (Live in St. Gallen, CH)
3. Step Aside (Live in Rotterdam, NL)
4. Caravan (Live in Rotterdam, NL)
5. Chapter 6 (Live in Utrecht, NL)
6. Cutting Ice… (Live in London, UK)


"Swarming" single (The Leaf Label – February 7, 2005)

"Mirador" / "Cutting Ice to Snow" promo-only single (October 8, 2007)

"Caravan" single (The Leaf Label – April 7, 2008)

"Modern Drift" promo-only single (4AD – January 25, 2010)


"I Was Playing Drums" single (4AD – April 19, 2010)

"Raincoats" download-only single (4AD – August 23, 2010)

"I Was Playing Drums"

"Modern Drift"



"Cutting Ice To Snow"


 "Horseback Tenors"




Concert in POLAND !
OFF FESTIVAL, 6.08.2010

"Alike" 2010

Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra
Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, September 2008

 Knitting Factory, New York, 28.05.2008

La Blogotheque's Take Away Show
San Francisco, May 2008

"Frida Found a Friend"
on Swedish TV, 2008

"Step Aside"
on Swedish TV, 2008

Divan du Monde le 17 October 2007

"The goal of Efterkids is to both raise awareness for the need for music in public education, but also to help raise money for specific schools that are setting the standards for combining academic and artistic excellence. For SMS, the school's music program is funding by private donations and grants. Efterklang is helping the school raise money for a computer and composer software for the school.
Efterklang is currently working on similar projects in Poland :), San Francisco, Boston and anywhere a group of talented children and their teachers want to join the cause of raising awareness for music in public schools."
You can donate to this Efterkids case here 

 "Full Moon"

"Natural Tune"

Wenn's Rockt Pt.1

Wenn's Rockt Pt.2


Photosphere LLC 


402 Production Pt.1


402 Production Pt.2 



San Francisco 

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