Saturday, February 26, 2011

TURBOWEEKEND - new official music video


Official music video
Premiered 24.02.2011

"A Turboweekend Fan Made and Me & Anton production
Taken from the Bound EP (free download on turboweekend.com)

In december we asked people to send in video clips of themselves miming to the track, and then Silas wrote a little story about a possesed TV to go along with it. All actors are drafted directly from www.facebook.com/turboweekend
Concept: Paul Piggot & Silas Bjerregaard
Directed by: Silas Bjerregaard
Produced by: Pauline Skalts & Silas Bjerregaard
Filmed and edited by: Andy Borglind
Visual Effects by: Andy Borglind
Copyright 2011 Turboweekend

Special thanks to
Peter Vedel (guy), Lærke Taudorf (girl), The TV-smashing girls, Everyone who contributed with mime videos (!!), Jesper Duelund, Lasse Storm, Uffe @ Film Gear, Würtz Radio & TV, TwentyFourSeven"

Behind the scenes

I've been waiting impatiently for the final effect and it exceeded my expectations. I love concept, realization and all of contributions!!! 

I'm glad to see my small contribution to this wonderful video.
If you don't blink your eyes you'll see rabbit singing "fire in the kitchen".
The Rabbit Is Me ;-)
My favorite moments:

Morten Køie & Doggy :)

Martin Øhlers Petersen & Anders Møller

(Lærke Taudorf )                 Silas Bjerregaard      &      Casper Clausen                  (Peter Vedel)

Anders Møller

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