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I decided to devote this post to Nordland Art Festival, because it was one of events that significantly influenced my interest in Nordic music. I'm very glad I could be a part of the first edition, which took place in my hometown (Łódź) in October 2010. I am really looking forward to the next one, which is planned for October this year. My excitement is increasing even more because I know which band might visit us this year! ;-) 
 In Festival Office
"Nordland Art Festival is a idea of combining into one piece a Scandinavian movie and Nordic music area . But first aim of this festival is to build up a music round table of Nordic, Scandinavian and Baltic countries area. In next few years, festival will be involved in promotion activities regarding Norway Jazz. We will also aim in building a platform which will be very helpful with building business contacts and networks in Nordic Music area."


Nils Petter Molvaer  



Mari Kvien Brunvoll 

Tomasz Stańko Nordic Quintent  
(Poland, Finland, Denmark)


Dariusz Makaruk  


Documentary Music Films

 Although the purpose of this blog is to collect informations about Nordic music not films, I think some of them definitely belongs here.

“Music from the moon”
 Christian Hund, Uwe Wältring, Carsten Christochowitz

 Emilíana Torrini, Benni Hemm Hemm, Members of Sigur Rós, Members of Múm, Eiríkur Orri, Helmus und Dalli, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Dagur Kári, Slowblow, Ole Kristiansen, Naneruaq, Hypno Theatre, Hjörleifur Jónsson, Magdalena Mayas, Jan Terstegen , Ravi Srinivasan, Frances Jane Ball, Mandy Burton...


Christian Hund, my friend, Uwe Wältring, me

 Dean DeBlois

 a film by SIGUR RÓS 

Ulrik Wivel

9.02.2011 Nordland Art Festival (collaborating with Se-Ma-For Film Festival) inaugurated monthly screening Scandinavian film review by arranging private-public screening of film "An Island". It makes me love this festival even more, because this film is about one of my favorite Danish bands - Efterklang.

"An Island is an unconventional music performance film and an abstract documentary about a band and an island." 

I loved Efterklang even before watching "An Island", but after that I guess I feel their music more deeply...

9.02.11 Łódź, MuBa Cinema - after "An Island" screening

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