Thursday, August 11, 2011

CODY goodbecausedanish.blogspot.com

About debut album, "Songs" (2009)

"Eleven captivating compositions take the listener for a trip in various places.
"Songs" will take you somewhere in the countryside, or to a small town. On the porch of an old house near the woods ("Remember When"). Album "Songs" invites for a bonfire meeting with friends. It also leads you to desert beach for an intimate walk. "Songs" will take you for a ride along empty side roads ("Down In The Dark", in which country sounds are more hearable. And another beautifully sung fragment "Will you come and save me? I'll wait for you to come") Album "Songs" finds you on the crowded street, where you try to catch the flying time ("Ever Go" , in which guitar parts played on violin set the tempo).
"Songs" captivates with genuine wisdom ("What's Behind"). "Songs" squeezes tears, but in a soothing manner ("I Want You").
This album consits of 11 songs, which can take you anywhere and do anything if you let them. But it can also just play peacefully in background, without imposing itself on listener. You decide about following this album's lead."  READ MORE

Author: Arletta Przynoga
Traslation by: Agnieszka Bolek 

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"Comfort And Rage"

"That's What She Sees"

"Another Year"

"I Want You"

Friday, August 05, 2011

VETO goodbecausedanish.blogspot.com

"The band VETO is a perfect proposition for those, who like mix of rock with electro music and [...] something, that I call "Danishness" due to lack of better term. It seems like this description introduces just one of many average indie electro-rock bands, but I'd definitely veto that kind of stigmatization in this case!"  READ MORE

Author: Arletta Przynoga
Traslation by: Agnieszka Bolek 

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"We Are Not Your Friends"

"You Say Yes, I Say Yes"

"Spit It Out"


LE FIASKO goodbecausedanish.blogspot.com

"Do you know what it feels like to fall in love with a song at first listen? This happened to me many times, but I guess never before with such a great power as it was with "Kabul". It's probably one of the saddest, most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And it was created by Le Fiasko band." READ MORE

(Spot 2008) 

"Kabul", which was mentioned in the introduction, is depressive up to the limits - but not exceeding them - and this is where its beauty lies, in my opinion.
Verse: "Copenhagen is so pathetic You stay in bed with a headache" sung by Cæcilie Trier is extremely moving.

Author: Arletta Przynoga
Traslation by: Agnieszka Bolek 

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

THE SEVEN MILE JOURNEY goodbecausedanish.blogspot.com


"[...]With such tracks as 'The Engram Dichotomy' it drills into the brain, but systematically and with precision, rather than painfully with one stab. If you devote enough time to it, it reveals its depth as in  'Simplicity Has A Paradox' composition. And finally it makes that - when 20 minute track 'The Alter Ego Autopsies' reaches its end, there is still unsatisfied hunger, which forces to relisten it from the very beginning." READ MORE

Author: Arletta Przynoga
Traslation by: Agnieszka Bolek 

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"The Engram Dichotomy" 

"Simplicity Has A Paradox"

"The Alter Ego Autopsies"



I would like to devote this post to a very respectable initiative undertaken by a Polish girl - Arletta Przynoga, who is extremely fascinated with Danish music and passes this passion on to other people thanks to her blog dobrebodunskie.blogspot.com, its English version: goodbecausedanish.blogspot.com and the broadcast "Dobre, bo duńskie" in Polish radio station - Radio AFERA (98,6 MHz / www.afera.com.pl, every Tuesday at 19.00) 

Our (Arletta's and mine)  Danish music
fascination started surprisingly the same way - 
the seed of love for this music was planted in our hearts by guys from TURBOWEEKEND
who nominated us as their Polish Music Ambassadors some time ago. 
However these seeds of love sprouted in quite different directions...
If I stick to this metaphor I'd say that Arletta has her own expanding garden now and I had a pleasure of being her gardener ;) I featured in some of her broadcasts, got the word out about Turboweekend and The Eclectic Moniker. And recently I've been translating her wonderful posts about Danish bands from Polish into English.
Translating reviews written by someone who not only loves that music, but also has a special ability of expressing it, aptly puts it into words; is just pure pleasure.
These reviews are worth being translated into every language, maybe DANSK could be next ;)

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 (Tuesdays at 19.00)                     

Arletta Przynoga