Thursday, August 11, 2011

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About debut album, "Songs" (2009)

"Eleven captivating compositions take the listener for a trip in various places.
"Songs" will take you somewhere in the countryside, or to a small town. On the porch of an old house near the woods ("Remember When"). Album "Songs" invites for a bonfire meeting with friends. It also leads you to desert beach for an intimate walk. "Songs" will take you for a ride along empty side roads ("Down In The Dark", in which country sounds are more hearable. And another beautifully sung fragment "Will you come and save me? I'll wait for you to come") Album "Songs" finds you on the crowded street, where you try to catch the flying time ("Ever Go" , in which guitar parts played on violin set the tempo).
"Songs" captivates with genuine wisdom ("What's Behind"). "Songs" squeezes tears, but in a soothing manner ("I Want You").
This album consits of 11 songs, which can take you anywhere and do anything if you let them. But it can also just play peacefully in background, without imposing itself on listener. You decide about following this album's lead."  READ MORE

Author: Arletta Przynoga
Traslation by: Agnieszka Bolek 

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"Comfort And Rage"

"That's What She Sees"

"Another Year"

"I Want You"

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