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Eiriki and Erlend make that kind of music which I easily fall in love with. It soothes my mind every time I listen to it.   Oh so many summer days I lay on the grass watching clouds with their music in my ears - best dream stimulus. And so many nights I was lulled to sleep by songs from 'Declaration of Dependence'... most pleasant solution to my insomnia ;-)
'They are known for their delicate tunes, calming voices, and intricate and subtle guitar melodies. Kings of Convenience is rightfully considered one of Norway’s best representatives on the international music stage.'

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Eirik: "I can’t really explain. Because when we were choosing it, there were many different feelings," he says. "People can find their own meaning but to us, it’s just two guys and two guitars, which is a whole lot more convenient than being in a full band. It’s just a lot simpler."


indie folk-pop



Eirik Glambek Bøe   
(vocals, guitar)
By Lars Borges
Erlend Øye  
(vocals, guitar)
By Lars Borges


"Øye and Bøe were both born in 1975 (Øye on November 21 and Bøe on October 25) and have known each other since they met while participating in a geography contest at the age of 10.Yet it was not geography, but music that united the young men so that they decided to form a band to play initially covers of Joy Division. At sixteen, they played together in the band Skog ("forest") with two other friends, releasing one EP, Tom Tids Tale, before breaking up and later forming the Kings duo in 1998."
"Then, after releasing three EPs as Kings of Convenience with the Norwegian label Éllet and a self-titled album for the American Kindercore, they signed for the French label Source.
 They rearranged some old material and added some new for their acclaimed 'Quiet is the New Loud'. They also released 'Versus', a compilation of remakes, remixes and collaborations."  'Riot on an Empty Street' was released as next album and the latest one is called 'Declaration of dependence' - it's now available everywhere.
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'Kings of Convenience' (2000, label: Kindercore)

1. Toxic Girl 
2. I Don't Know What I Can Save You From 
3. Failure 
4. Leaning Against The Wall 
5. Brave New World 
6. An English House 
7. Days I Had With You 
8. Parallel Lines 
9. Winning a Battle, Losing The War 
10. Surprice Ice 

'Quiet Is the New Loud' (29 January 2001, label: Source / Astralwerks)

  1. Winning A Battle Losing The War
  2. Toxic Girl 
  3. Singing Softly to Me
  4. I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
  5. Failure
  6. The Weight Of My Words
  7. The Girl From Back Then
  8. Leaning Against The Wall
  9. Little Kids
  10. Summer on The Westhill
  11. The Passenger
  12. Parallel Lines

'Versus'  (October 22/30, 2001, label: Source / Astralwerks)

1. I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix)
2. The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Remix)
3. The Girl From Back Then (Riton's Über Jazz Mix)
4. Gold For The Price Of Silver (Erot Vs Kings Of Convenience Version)
5. Winning A Battle, Losing The War (Andy Votel Mix)
6. Leaning Against The Wall (Evil Tordivel Upbeat Remake)
7. Toxic Girl (Monte Carlo 1963 Version)
8. Failure (Alfie Version)
9. Little Kids (Ladytron Fruits Of The Forest Mix)
10. Failure (Radio Edit)
11. Leaning Against The Wall (Bamboo Soul Mix)
12. The Weight Of My Words (Four Tet Instrumental)

'Riot on an Empty Street' (June 21, 2004, label: Source)

1. Homesick
2. Misread
3. Cayman Islands
4. Stay Out Of Trouble
5. Know How
6. Sorry Or Please
7. Love IS No Big Truth
8. I'd Rather Dance With You
9. Live Long
10. Surprise Ice
11. Gold In The Air OF Summer
12. The Build Up

'Declaration of Dependence' (October 5th, 2009)

1. 24-25
2. Mrs Cold
3. Me In You
4. Boat Behind
5. Rule My World
6. My Ship Isn't Pretty
7. Renegade
8. Power Of Not Knowing
9. Peacetime Resistance
10.Freedom And Its Owner
11.Riot On An Empty Street
12.Second To Numb
13.Scars On Land


'Magic in the Air'  (2001)

1. Winning A Battle, Losing A War
2. Manhattan Skyline
3. Riot On An Empty Street

'Playing Live in a Room' (2000)

  1. Toxic Girl
  2. Singing Softly To Me
  3. Into The Ring Of Fire
  4. Parr-A-Pluie
  5. Until You Understand

'Kings of Convenience’s Live Acoustic Sessions' (2010)

 1. 24-25 (Live Acoustic)
 2. Winning a Battle, Losing the War (Live Acoustic)
 3. Boat Behind (Live Acoustic)
 4. Love Is No Big Truth (Live Acoustic)



"Brave New World"


"Toxic Girl" 


"Winning a Battle, Losing the War"



"I'd Rather Dance With You"


"Know How"


"Mrs. Cold"

"Boat Behind"

"Boat Behind"

"I'd Rather Dance With You"

 "Mrs. Cold"



"Toxic Girl"

 "Cayman Islands"

"Love Is No Big Truth" - Poland ! 
Heineken Open'er Festival 2010

 Store Studio, 21 september 2009

"Know How"
Germany 2007

"Winning a battle, losing the war" 2006

"Don't know what save you from"
Duesseldorf at the "Zakk", Germany, November 2004

(in English)



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