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TURBOWEEKEND - first concert in Poland

Silas, Me & Martin

Their very first concert in Poland took place on December 2nd, 2010 in Warsaw - "Palladium" club (Not in "Arena Ursynów" as originally planned due to weather conditions) at Warsaw Student Festival - Ursynalia.
I was lucky enough to participate in that unforgettable event and meet boys in person. I can say that they became my "significant others" (pardon sociological jargon) ;-)

Their next gig in Poland is already officially announced on Ursynalia Warsaw Student Festival website.
It is planned for summer edition - June 2011. (Yeeey!)

Photos by Marcin Bąkiewicz / WP

Silas Bjerregaard

Martin Øhlers Petersen
Morten Køie
Anders Møller

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Concert Review:

Turboweekend arrived specially for that concert from their hometown - Copenhagen. Although they were support for Sum 41, a lot of guests came only for them...

It could be surprising for someone who doesn't know the ropes that Danes from Turboweekend put on quite theatrical show.
They start with sound synthesis prelude played by charismatic vocalist - Silas Bjerregaard and (un-introduced) keyboarder, who supports them on concerts.
After rock show of Carrion the change of sounds was a bit shocking for some of the guests (they were calling "Sum 41" out loud at the beginning), but for many people the change was positive and energetic. That diversity of sounds got even more sense when the bassist - Morten Køie and the drummer - Martin Petersen joined on the stage.The lack of guitarist was a bit disturbing, but it occurred, that in electropop played with commitment, that state of affairs is acceptable.
  The most important thing is that Silas is very into everything he does on the stage, he has a lot going for him - especially strong vocal and great contact with audience. He created entertaining atmosphere by saying - We make music, you make party - he made it effectively because he danced himself for all the time what encouraged others. The concert program consisted mainly of songs from their second album "Ghost of a chance", which gave people a lot of fun. The song "Holiday" played as a second in that evening was very rhythmic, strong and keyboards were less hearable, so it confuted even the most orthodox fans of Sum 41. Everyone who was brave enough to enter the main concert-room of Palladium was suck in by dancing crowd. The most pleasant thing in the concert was a perfect balance of components, which didn't confuse perception of mature, melodious Silas' voice. Vocalist also charms with his good manners, when he spilled the bear on the stage accidentally, he cleaned it on his own immediately. They are very nice and talented boys.
 What about theater? As an encore they played „Almost There”, during which Silas made all of the audience sit down and then made them jump up to the ceiling. For ending they served disco with pleasant pulse of vibrant bas and straight, exact drums play. In spite of the fact that it was risky combination with post-pup-punkrock Sum 41, it was successful.
The reaction of audience was the best proof.

Original Polish version of review

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