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HAY HAY - DENMARK (Copenhagen)

What an enjoyable surprise to be informed about band by one of its members... A very nice member - Niels - who was so kind to answer my questions to help me create this post. This is how their band was described:

"HAY HAY is nordic pop with a distant scream towards the 80ies, crunchy synth-lines and the beautiful voice of leadsinger Anna Bjørck on top of it all."  - N.C.Geil
'HAY HAY is spontanious, straight forward, playfull and fun!
With Vesterbro Copenhagen as a base, the 4 HAY HAYs create the music, that naturally wants to flow through their bodies. No rules - just taste and preference!
None of the 4 members are new to the scene. Various prejects have and have had the pleasure of the HAY HAYs, who now want to show you the magic of being together.'[1]

I am truly charmed by beautiful Anna and her warm voice well acompanied by 3 great musicians. They provided us with 4 very pleasant songs, which (even though some lyrics may not seem to be very optimistic) fill me up with positive attitude towards some hard days ahead...


  1. BAND NAME  (etymology)
  3. GENRE 

When I was trying to figure out the etymology on my own, the first thing that came to my mind was typical Danish greeting "hej hej", I thought it was modified to 'hay hay', but still refers to this important Danish word  ;-) (read this) Then I got real etymology from Niels:
"The name 'HAY HAY' came up as sort of a joke. It refers to the screams that Anna makes, but is purposly misspelled as to underplay the seriousness a bit. It's just sort of a part of the sound..."





Anna Bjørck Vejby Geil
(keys, lead vocal)

Niels Christian Geil 
(guitar, vocal)

Jakob Oxenvad
(bass, vocal)

Tune Madsen 
(The Eclectic Moniker)

The band was formed by lovely married couple Niels Christian and Anna Bjørck and later they added on Tune Madsen and Jakob Oxenvad on drums and bass. As Niels claims they are very inspired by 80ies bands such as Duran Duran, but also contemporary bands like The Ting Tings, New Young Pony Club and Robyn. The key element for their music is writing the good song, what they proved by releasing their firs EP in January 1st, 2011 consisted of 4 undoubtedly good songs.
"To find something extra for this EP, we went to London and had it mixed by Adrian Hall, and mastered by Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin. They surely gave it a magic touch." - Niels.
They've been getting airplay in the national radiostation in Denmark since March and they are currently recording new stuff - I can't wait to hear it ;-)

'Die Young' (January 2011)

1. Come Down
2. Die Young
3. Infinity
4. Ten Spitfires

To listen / download their music click HERE