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My musical adventure with this band began when I heard "Party with my pain". My mind was blown away by this song because of its pure expressionism intensified by extremely powerful vocal, wild guitar sounds and furious drum beats...I just reached optimal musical satisfaction. And music video for that song... uhhh... strength lies in its simplicity!
Fortunately other songs met my expectations about this band, so it went on the list of my favs. :-) 
"Their music is characterized by a full guitar sound supported by Engelbert's unorthodox guitar rig and myriad effects pedals, and Bonde's straightforward beats; studio releases often feature colorful percussion accents on instruments such as tambourine, woodblock, guiro, and chimes. A variety of musical styles appear in their work, from hard rock, to blues riffs, post-punk, and even gloom-pop, though lyrical themes are almost uniformly personal and slightly angsty."
"Johnossi is furthermore one of those bands that is brilliant on stage. With every concert the rumour has spread. John and Oskar can deliver in a way live that few others can." I wish I had a chance to verify it on my own... 


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This band name etymology isn't too complicated. "JOHNOSSI" consists of vocalist's name - John and drummer's nickname - Ossi. I think that my previous statement - strength lies in its simplicity - is suitable also in this case. "Johnossi" sounds good, it's rememberable, catchy, and unique.

Pop / Rock


 V2 Music, Universal Music Group


John Engelbert (vocals, guitar) 

Oskar "Ossi" Bonde (drums)

Engelbert and Bonde first met when they were 12 and 15 years old, respectively, and started playing together as a duo in 2004. They recorded their first album after only five months as a band, and with only three live shows to their credit. Their self-titled first album was released in January 2005 by a small Swedish indie label; it was rereleased in September 2006 by V2 Music with an additional three tracks. In the summer of 2005 their mind-blowing performance at the Hultsfred festival gained them a minor breakthrough. Johnossi has toured extensively in Sweden and Western Europe, both alone and with other Swedish bands such as The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Mando Diao and Sibling Sense. They also toured the US in 2007 with Shout Out Louds. They are currently scheduled for their first Japanese appearances, supporting The Hives. In 2008 came "All They Ever Wanted" was produced by Jari Haapalainen (known for his work with The Concretes, Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura to name a few)
"Mavericks" is the next stage for Johnossi. According to John Engelbert it has been a difficult but important step. 2009 was a dark year to put it mildly. He had a crisis and had bad insomnia, something that is reflected in some of the tracks on "Mavericks", which was released in 2010.
sources: fb, official website 


'Johnossi'  2006 (Rekord Musik)

  1. The Show Tonight 
  2. Execution Song 
  3. Glory Days To Come 
  4. There's A Lot Of Things To Do Before You Die 
  5. Man Must Dance
  6. Family Values 
  7. Press Hold 
  8. Rescue Team 
  9. Santa Monica Bay
  10. The Lottery
  11. Summerbreeze  

'Johnossi' 2006 (V2 Music Scandinavia)
13. Rescue Team
14. Risky Business I

15. Risky Business II 

'Johnossi' 2007 (Control Group)

'All They Ever Wanted' 2008 (Universal UK)

  1. 18 Karat Gold 
  2.  Party with My Pain 
  3. Send More Money
  4. Train Song 
  5. In the Mystery Time of Cold and Rain 
  6. Zeppelin 
  7. Bobby 
  8. All They Ever Wanted 
  9. Up in the Air 
  10. Lie Lie Die 


'Mavericks' 2010 (Universal UK)

  1. Mavericks 
  2. Dead End 
  3. Houses 
  4. Roscoe 
  5. Bed on Fire 
  6. What's the Point 
  7. No Last Call 
  8. Come along (there's a gene) 
  9. Worried Ground 
  10. Sickness 


'Execution Song' 2006  (V2 Music Scandinavia)
1. Execution Song
2. Glory Days To Come
3. The Lottery
4. From people´s Heart


Party With My Pain (2008)

1. Party With My Pain
2. Social Flu

18 Karat Gold (2008)

1. 18 Karat Gold
 2. It's Never Too Late To Give Up

Bobby (2009)

1. Bobby
 2. 18 Karat Gold (house remix)

What's The Point (2010)
1. What's The Point

Dead End (2010)
1. Dead End 
2. Dead End - Dream Version 

  • A cover version of "Santa Monica Bay" was used in a commercial for the Scandinavian teen clothing chain "J-Store".
  • "Bobby" appears in the film Four Dimensions.
  • "Execution Song" appears in the 2008 German film The Wave ("Die Welle").
  • "Execution Song" appears on the video game NHL 09.


"Party with my pain"

 "Man Must Dance"

 "Execution song"

 "Glory Days To Come"

"18 Karat Gold" 

"Dead End" 


"What's the Point"
P3 Guld 2010

"Dead End" 
Live Nyhetsmorgon 2010 

"Party with my Pain" 
Vienna 2010

Vienna 2010

"Family Values" 
Munich 2008  

"Things to do before you die"
Haldern Pop Festival 2007 

"Man must Dance" 
Haldern Pop Festival 2007

"Johnossi Santa Monica Bay"
Roskilde 2006

(in English)

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