Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MANKY - DENMARK (Copenhagen)

By Aske Rif Torbensen 

I discovered this interesting artist - Michael Manky - thanks to Bottled In England and their concert in Poland, in my hometown - Łódź. (read more) I was blown away by their massive show and MANKY had huge contribution to this incredibly good live act. I got interested in his music activity, which began much earlier before he joined this year's Bottled In England concert tour. He was so nice to give me a lot of precious informations about the music path he follows. He described his beginnings and how his love for music evolved. From hiphop, through drum and bass, to dubstep. How his career develops from writing   lyrics, producing various music, forming the band "Intelligent Pushing" with the producer  Dynamic H, cooperation with BIE, up to his debut solo album he's been working on currently, which I keep my fingers crossed for ;) I really appreciate he shared the story behind MANKY with us, you can read it in "Background" section. I strongly encourage you to listen to his music available on soundcloud and bandcamp, you can also download it for free after clicking 'like' on the official facbook fanpage.
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By Andreas Hoff  

             1. STAGE NAME 
             2. BIRTH NAME
             3. YEARS ACTIVE
             4. GENRE
             5. HOMETOWN
             6. RECORD LABEL
             7. BACKGROUND
             8. DISCOGRAPHY 


Michael Manky

2010 - now

drum & bass / dubstep 


"I started out mc'ing ca. 2001. I was in love with hiphop, especially the dirty, heavy beats.
I wrote lyrics all day, everyday, and by the time my rap started to sound good, I fell in love with producing (2003)  I was obsessed with sampling and drum programming.
When I found out drum and bass existed, I started producing that. It was insane..
At first, I wasn't any good at it, cause I was used to make beats half the tempo, but I came after it, and after a while i made some pretty decent productions.
I was still keeping up with my rap thing, and producing was kinda like a mistress on the side.
In 2005 i formed the band "Intelligent Pushing" with a very skilled producer named Dynamic H.
He was lightyears ahead of me when it came to producing, and since my part in this crazy little duo was the lead vocal, I really had nothing to offer with my semi-fucked up beats.
Intelligent Pushing suddenly became a huge succes, and took a lot of my time in that period.
Even though I loved writing lyrics and flows, I found another love on the side. Dub.
Dub was just like a wakeup call to me.
It made me realize that delay's and reverbs was my main thing, and I just kinda disappeared into the studio for months.
Meanwhile, Intelligent Pushing was still going strong, and Dynamic H started teaching me stuff when we was in the studio. I learned how to mix properly, use a couple of instruments and stuff like that.
I made these weird, and really bassheavy, beats, until the dubstep wave hit me in 2008.
This was when my development really picked up speed, and in 2009, I was better than ever at making deep, hard hitting beats.
I guess it wasn't really dubstep at the time, but I definitely had my own style locked down.
I went to London and stayed with a couple of friends, and there, I met some really big names form the UK dubstep scene.
One of these brilliant producers helped me out with some dubstep producer-tips, and this was when I came up with my new aka. MANKY.
Im still doing these crazy beats, and I am still the frontman in Intelligent Pushing.
Right now I am working on the last Intelligent Pushing album, called "Starten på slutningen" (The beginning of the end)
I am also on tour with Bottled In England as an mc, and is currently working out the details for on my first ever, solo album."

EP 'Vexed Level'
(14 April 2011)
(Click to listen)

 1. Clean
2. Roots

Bottled in England (feat. TK & MANKY)


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